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Art Spectrum Half Stick Soft Pastel Set of 40 and Set of 20

Art Spectrum

$68.00 - $137.00

Handmade in Melbourne using the finest lightfast pigments, Art Spectrum Soft Round Pastels are free …

Pastel Pad

Art Spectrum

$13.00 - $32.00

Made in Melbourne from Italian pastel paper these pads have dual surface, one side felt marked with …

Como Pad

Art Tec

$9.00 - $21.00

Como art pads are a versatile pad suitable for use with watercolour, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, …

7oz Souffle Blocks



Versatile, pliable and perfectly soft, Sculpey® Soufflé™ is an innovative lightweight clay perf…

Large Premo Polymer Clay blocks by Sculpey



Large size blocks of your favorite colours of Premo oven bake polymer clay by Sculpey Premo polymer …

Sculpey Premo and Premo Accents Polymer Clay 2oz blocks



Complete range of Premo Sculpey and Premo Sculpey Accents polymer clay colours in 57g blocks. Premo …