7oz Souffle Blocks

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Product Description

Versatile, pliable and perfectly soft, Sculpey® Soufflé™ is an innovative lightweight clay perfect for jewelry making and larger home décor pieces. Its strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello and caning. Souffle™ is so flexible it can be cut and sewn after baking – perfect for embellishing bags, making tags, enhancing paper crafting and more! 

Boasting a beautiful suede finish when baked, Sculpey® Soufflé™ 7oz blocks comes in Igloo (White) and Poppy Seed (Black) as well as 22 fashion-forward colors in the regular blocks: White, Bluestone, Pumpkin, Poppy Seed, Cowboy, Shamrock, Cherry Pie, Canary, Mandarin, Latte, Jade, Cornflower, Raspberry, Sea Glass, Royalty, Turnip, Pistachio, Grape, Concrete, Robin's Egg, Guava and Cinnamon.

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