Art Resin

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Product Description

Made in the USA, Art Resin Epoxy resin is a 2 part product that will remain high-gloss, self-levelling, and is specially formulated for art. The 1:1 mixing ration is easy to use and will be UV and HALS stable and is non yellowing.

The resin is non-toxic and when cured is certified food safe.

With no VOCs, no BPA, no fumes, and non-flammable this resin is safe to use in any well ventilated area. Dependant on weather conditions the rest will cure within 24 hours.

The resin can be mixed with pigments and metallics through it, as well as other inclusions.

These kits come in the following sizes:

- 946ml: (32 oz) = 2 Bottles ( 16 oz resin + 16 oz hardener ) + instructions - will cover ~8sq ft

- 474ml: (16 oz) = 2 Bottles ( 8 oz resin + 8 oz hardener ) + instructions - will cover ~4sq ft

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