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  • Langridge Oil Paints in a full spectrum of colours


    $11.95 - $55.00

    Manufactured in Australia Langridge Professional Oil Colours have excellent saturation of colour and…

  • Art Spectrum Half Stick Soft Pastel Set of 40 and Set of 20

    Art Spectrum

    $68.00 - $137.00

    Handmade in Melbourne using the finest lightfast pigments, Art Spectrum Soft Round Pastels are free …

  • Pick-Up Eraser

    These blocks of refined crepe rubber are the perfect addition to your watercolour tool kit and will …

  • NAM Masking Fluid



    This masking fluid can be used to mask out areas of an against watercolour or airbrush. Leaving a cl…

  • N.A.M Spray Adhesive



    NAM Spray adhesive is a convenient way to create either permanent or temporary tack between layers o…

  • Art Resin

    Art Resin

    $72.00 - $130.00

    Made in the USA, Art Resin Epoxy resin is a 2 part product that will remain high-gloss, self-levelli…

  • Art Resin Spreader

    Art Resin


    Suitable for use with Art Resin Epoxy Resin this notched spreader will help create an even and consi…

24 of 238 Items