Inktober 4pce Drawing Set

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Product Description

Created as the perfect set for all your Inktober drawings this collection of 4 pens has a selection of styles and tips to bring your art to life.

The set contains 1 of each of the following:

- Dual Brush Pen NIHON-DATE KABURA (No.55)(DF150-55B):
Water-based dye ink. Double-sided hard and soft brush tips - hard brush perfect for large, flexible, dynamic strokes - soft brush tip for precise, thin lines.

Water-based pigment ink. Extra fine brush tip can be used to add white highlights to illustrations, manga, and comics. Works over both alcohol based markers and water-based pigment ink. 

- ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA 01:
Water-based pigment ink. The ultra fine marker is smudge-proof with watercolours and alcohol-based markers.

Water-based pigment ink. This flexible fine point brush tip can produce both thick and thin lines and is smudge-proof with watercolours and alcohol-based markers.

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