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  • Alum 1lb Bag



    Alum (Potassium Aluminium Sulfate) is suitable for use as a pretreater for fabric and paper when cre…

  • Tie Dye Kit


    $26.00 - $35.00

    Groovy Tie Dye Kit Put some ZIP in your day with this easy-to-use tie dye kit. This kit is a fantast…

  • Marbling Kit



    The ancient art of paper marbling has historically been associated with the book arts. The technique…

  • Jacquard IDye



    Dyeing has never been easier than with iDye from Jacquard! iDye comes in a dissolvable packet, so th…

  • Exciter Pack


    $35.00 - $62.00

    Dye-Na-Flow: This high chroma, highly transparent liquid fabric paint is permanent on any porous or …

  • Airbrush Color 4oz



    Jacquard Airbrush Color meets the needs of artists like never before, raising the bar for quality, e…

10 of 10 Items