Polymer Clay & Sculpting

 A large selection of polymer clay supplies fills the shelves of our store here in regional Victoria. With clay, tools, and accessories the range includes Premo, Premo Accents, Souffle, polymer clay knives, tools and extractors, Pearl Ex mica powders, spray and wax sealants, and liquid clays.

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  • Pipettes 4pk

    Art Spectrum


    Perfect for all your fluid arts including inks, dyes, ad watercolours these graduated pipettes will …

  • Art Spectrum Half Stick Soft Pastel Set of 40 and Set of 20

    Art Spectrum

    $68.00 - $137.00

    Handmade in Melbourne using the finest lightfast pigments, Art Spectrum Soft Round Pastels are free …

  • Art Resin

    Art Resin

    $72.00 - $130.00

    Made in the USA, Art Resin Epoxy resin is a 2 part product that will remain high-gloss, self-levelli…

  • Art Resin Spreader

    Art Resin


    Suitable for use with Art Resin Epoxy Resin this notched spreader will help create an even and consi…

  • Armature Wire



    Used to created frameworks for sculptures this armature wire is lightweight aluminum that is pliable…

12 of 53 Items